Who I Work With

Of the excellent approved trainers and consultants we use in the Consultation Institute, Davy Jones is uniquely respected. Not only is his thorough grasp of the subject obvious to everyone, but he has the knack of communicating complex and sometimes controversial ideas in an easy-to-understand, humorous and memorable way. This makes him an ideal presenter or workshop facilitator and we have no hesitation in recommending him.

Rhion Jones,
Consultation Institute

Having worked with Davy over many years, I have always found him to be the consummate professional. As well as having a deep grasp of his subject, Davy is imaginative, efficient and committed in his approach, with a keen interest in spotting opportunities to deliver outcomes well beyond the given brief. I would wholeheartedly recommend his work on community engagement and consultation.

Jez Hall,
Participatory Budgeting Network and PB Partners

Davy has brought a wealth of experience from his time at the Audit Commission and his passion for citizen empowerment; this, with his knowledge of LSPs, made him an obvious person for the IDeA to work with in both areas.

Helen Hughes, National Adviser (Third Sector & Communities),
Improvement and Development Agency

Davy is a lively, energetic and engaging public speaker, who draws on his wealth of expertise and knowledge relative to the field of citizen involvement, participation and empowerment.

Davy has spoken at several East of England Regional Empowerment Partnership events over the last four months (December 2009 – March 2010) and when asked ‘What was the most useful aspect of the day?’, delegates have responded with some of the following comments…

‘Davy Jones presentation on the Business Case for Community Empowerment was excellent’ ; ‘Davy Jones gave food for thought’: ‘Davy Jones – a real champion!’; ‘Davy Jones presentation was fantastic – great material, well delivered’

The Regional Empowerment Partnership has valued Davy’s contribution to our events and we feel the feedback given by delegates speaks for itself.

Leah Douglas,
Inspire East

Davy is always happy to offer advice and his extensive knowledge has been invaluable for our work on Participatory Budgeting. It is a genuine pleasure working with him, and we have built up a close working relationship with Davy over the past year especially in writing our recent joint White Paper on the use of technology in PB.

David Eaton,

It is always a pleasure working with Davy – he is thoughtful, planning and preparing ahead and goes down very well with the participants of our training courses. The evaluation results speak for themselves.

Dr. Elke Loeffler, Chief Executive,
Governance International

Davy’s long-standing experience in citizen engagement was a great advantage in helping us to formulate our policy responses.

Abena Dadze-Arthur,
National Consumer Council

In addition to the above, I have also worked with the following organisations and individuals since Spring 2007:

» Warren Hatter

» Shared Intelligence

» Paul Gosling, journalist, researcher, media consultant

» Jennifer Tankard and Ocean Communications

» Participate Collective