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Participatory Budgeting in the USA

Participatory Budgeting in the USA – Municipal Journal




Articles in Local Government Journals


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Presentations To Councils

A presentation to Horsham District Council and their Community Partnership event in April 2012, and a presentation to East Sussex County Council in 2012.


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Writing on Key Issues Facing Public Services

Making Technology Work is a document I have co-authored with public-i about how new technology might help with citizen involvement, especially Participatory Budgeting. You can also read my concluding commentary in the IDeA report – “Looking Backwards, Moving Forward” published in February 2009.


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Speaking at International Conferences


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I co-designed and delivered the national training programme run by the Consultation Institute and the IDeA on Comprehensive Engagement Strategies. I have also developed and delivered the Consultation Institute’s new flagship local government course, New Approaches to Public Engagement. Visit the Consultation Institute website website

I have run training courses and action learning sets for Local Strategic Partnerships with Progress through Partnership (the South East capacity-building programme for LSPs) and LSP Futures. The topics include the new legal and policy context for LSPs, partnership working, involving local citizens, and performance management.


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Working with local services

I have worked with councils, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), Local Strategic Partnerships and neighbourhoods such as Hastings, Waltham Forest, Southampton, Southwark, Portsmouth, Oxfordshire, Plymouth, Tewkesbury and Hampshire on issues such as citizen involvement performance management and participatory budgeting. I have worked with the Government Office East Midlands and the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Empowerment Partnership around citizen engagement.

In addition, I co-ordinate a learning network in the South East region on participatory budgeting and the Consultation Institute’s national network on local government.


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At the Audit Commission, I developed and led the Area Profiles project and work on developing quality of life indicators, including speaking at international conferences in New Zealand, France and Switzerland.

Area profiles is one of the most exciting ideas to come out of the Audit Commission in recent years.

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