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13 Aug 2013

Two important conferences coming up!

There are two really important events coming up for all those who are genuinely interested in citizen participation.

Consultation Institute

On 22 October, the Consultation Institute (TCI) holds a major international conference on consultation, “A World That Listens”, as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations.

I remember when I left the Audit Commission six years ago to go freelance: one of the first organisations that I worked with was the Consultation Institute (TCI – which at that time was just 4 years old).

Since then, I have delivered many training courses for TCI, chaired its local government Special Interest Group, and its national Advisory Board. It is a first class organisation with a fantastic range of expert associates and staff. And this is reflected in this 10th Anniversary Conference.

Key speakers include: Ciprian Fisiy from the World Bank, the organisation that recently described TCI as the “international gold standard” for consultation; and Lord Justice Sedley, the originator of the “Gunning Principles” that underpin the law of consultation.

It is an excellent opportunity to review how consultation has risen up the agenda over the last ten years both internationally and in the UK. Details of the conference can be found here:

Participatory Budgeting

The second major event is the national Participatory Budgeting Network meeting in Durham on 1st October.

Ten years ago at the Audit Commission, I co-organised the first national conference in the UK on participatory budgeting with a speaker from Porto Alegre in Brazil. We hoped to stimulate interest in the idea of PB. Who would have thought that ten years later, there would be over 200 areas in the UK who have used PB?

This has only happened because of the dedication and hard work of a group of PB advocates and increasing numbers of new devotees – inspired by the results that PB can bring.

They are gathering in Durham – the latest council to develop a really ambitious PB programme – on 1st October to witness Durham’s work and discuss how to develop PB into a mainstream activity for public services. More details of the event can be found here:…

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