November 2009 | Davy Jones Consultancy
13 Nov 2009
Economic madness

I am struggling to understand something. Let me run it by you and see if you can help. The much-lauded private sector, in the shape of the banks, has through incompetence, irresponsibility and greed, caused the biggest international financial crisis for 50 years. The public sector, in the shape of Governments, has bailed out the private sector with squillions and squillions of pounds. And the consensus across the main political parties is that the way out of this financial crisis...

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5 Nov 2009
Participatory budgeting – here to stay

Hands up all the doubters – all those who said it would never take off, it was too radical, too “foreign”, or wouldn’t last beyond Hazel Blears or a Labour Government ! The latest count suggests between 80 and 85 areas of the country are now experimenting with some form of Participatory Budgeting – and the majority of these areas are controlled by Conservative councils. Even in the South East, there are now PB pilots in 8 areas with a...

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