May 2009 | Davy Jones Consultancy

What a seminal moment ! The extraordinary public reaction to the revelations on MP’s expenses repeats the public disgust at the incompetence, greed and the sheer immorality of the bankers. People have lost faith in the political elite – bankers and politicians have joined journalists and estate agents as figures of contempt. But more than that, it reflects a deep-seated revulsion at how society has been run (and the system milked) over the last 20 years – unbridled markets, excessive...

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3 May 2009
New thinking breaks out!

The economic crisis is having unexpected effects – the previously impossible may suddenly become probable. The beauty of these rare moments of crisis is that people become liberated from “old thinking” and new ideas can prosper. Already Essex council has set up its own bank to provide loans to local businesses. Others may follow their lead. Maybe the next thing will be local authorities issuing bonds for people to invest in socially and environmentally responsible projects. Others are using the...

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